The Readybrek burr

Lord Horatio calling

As I mentioned, here at Dawdle Hall we are doing some emergency work to the heating system so we won’t have to freeze this winter.   Put another jumper on is always the answer but….   One person who will be quite comfortable wandering the draughty corridors is my young nephew Alexander. He returned from hisrecent music festivals with a marvellous item of clothing tucked into his rucksack – a sleeping bag with arms, legs and a hood!

Called a Musucbag it is neatly tailored and, I am informed,’cool!’ Although ‘hot’ would be a more appropriate word. Apparently it comes in a number of trendy colours and is just the thing for padding about camp sites. Although envy green is not one of the hues available it’s certainly a shade much in evidence around the Hall.

The prospect of being warm and cosy while sitting at a keyboard or just lounging about means envious eyes are being cast in Alexander’s direction by just about everyone he bumps into. I think much of my Christmas present problems will be solved by a visit to the Musucbag website, credit card in hand.

They are a jolly bunch.  The clever chap behind the idea is Rodrigo Alonso Schramm from Chile and his whole range  of bags – the latest, Patagon, has removable feet which can be used as a pillow – can be found by clicking this link 

Our intrepid photographer friend Belinda Knox was an early convert and has sent us a picture of herself wearing a lovely pink number while on a recent trip to Sweden for  The Wardrobe  .

Stand-by for Dawdle’s Hall “rainbow army” keeping nice and toasty while the builders batter the east wing. 

the way forward!



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