A little sheepish adventure




Howl-lo everybody! Lord Horatio here.

Apologies. As is evident from the picture above I clearly did a lousy job of shaving this morning. It also looks like a trip to the dentist is well over due too.

What on earth, you may ask, am I doing alongside a red London omnibus with a flock of bewildered looking sheep? The answer lies in a tradition that dates back centuries.

Clutching a shepherd’s staff firmly in hand I am about to accompany my niece Belinda, dressed endearlingly as Little Bo-Peep, over no less a landmark than London Bridge.

As a Freeman, or woman in this case, of the City she is entitled to drive a flock of sheep across the world famous span, in the very heart of the United Kingdom’s Capital.

Thanks to the family’s long association with the Worshipful Company of Skinners, Belinda and her cousin Jane were able to exercise their rights and, as a bonus, have the right sort of exercise!

Organised by the Worshipful Company of Woolmen, the drive took place on a bright sunny day. One lane of the bridge was closed off specially for the occasion and the event carefully orchestrated by professional shepherds.

Bemused tourists and doting relatives took selfies galore as the motley crew slowly processed beside a steady stream of passing traffic, kept at bay by sturdy barriers, and over the turbulent River Thames on its way to the sea.


Pictured above is Little Bo-Belinda, alongside her cousin Jane, looking a little sheepish, and Jane’s flock watching husband Cambiz. In the background is an official from the Worshipful Company of Woolmen in a scarlet and gold cape… plus a glimpse of the City.


Not only did everyone have a tremendous day, but Belinda and Jane were also presented with a certificate to hang on their walls. Sadly the only one to miss out was our faithful friend Whimsy the dog. Serious mayhem could have ensued if he had been allowed to re-enact his favourite TV programme – One Man And His Dog. Instead he had to be content with barking at the pictures.


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