The Garden


Let me introduce you to the wider garden!

If it isn’t happening in the house, you can rest assured that there is plenty going on in the garden.   Games, whenever possible take place outside:  all that oxygen and Vitamin D are so good for visitors. Conkers may not be readily available now, but we have some from last year that are ready for the off.   The world conker championships may be in October but there is always time for preparation.

So Tiddlywinks championships may be scheduled around the country, but here in the garden at Dawdle Hall, regular competitions take place between Daniel and his friends.   It is likely to have a place in the Alternative Olympics which take place on a whim and were last seen in the South of France.

Not to be outdone, Nephew Simon will often take over the raised lawn to juggle and he has recently invested in a new set of juggling clubs which have increased his ability to perform four clubs. (juggling link here)   Chocfest eat your cup cakes out!  (link here)   Singeing grass is something of the past now but history can relate that Simon not only used to do a fire juggling display in the gardens, but he had been seen throughout the world entertaining relatives to his tricks.  (Picture here)