Water water everywhere and Volvic is the best to drink



However one of our soft drink staples is the dear Volvic water bottle.   Beloved to us all, swigging a small bottle of Volvic takes no time and both myself and Lady Winifred can vouch for how much better we feel afterwards,  Barbour pockets are made for these bottles.    Liveried in green themselves, they don’t clash with any of my apparel either.   And we have learnt not to overface ourselves here.  For a long time our niece Belinda used to carry around a fresh full two litre bottle and suffer guilt pangs for not finishing it by the end of the day.  By going for the small version, it can be enjoyed and hero marks chalked up after each bottle.    You can recycle the plastic so you gain more halos here.    As well, there is a  further benefit from this water in that it has a very good ph balance.    I myself can just about say Ph-wah so this has to be a good sign.


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