The Kitchen


I must confess I was a little alarmed when my dear wife suddenly announced on Christmas Day she was going raw. Strange moonlit rituals involving very little apparel sprang to mind followed swiftly by darker thoughts as Winnie added this would involve a Nutri-Bullet. Perhaps she was braced for an imminent attack of werewolves.

However my fears were quickly allayed when she revealed this had all been made possible by a seasonal gift from my nephew Simon’s wife Belinda. Armed with her new super blender, for this is what it is, the lady of the house can whizz up some splendid fresh vegetable juices packed with unsullied vitamins and minerals. These have proved to be a welcome alternative to the usual Yuletide fare and jolly healthy to boot!

Apparently mashing up your greens and fruit releases all the goodness that would otherwise be destroyed by proximity to a flame and gives the old constitution a real tonic. So far the only doubter holding out against all this evangelical culinary zeal is Whimsy. He has yet to be convinced that dogs need to go green and disappears in a flash when he hears that ominous Nutribullet buzz. I say suck it and see…


The base of so many raw dishes, there has been some educating going on here at Dawdle Hall.  Lady Winifred has been cooking – or perhaps I might say more accurately mixing and whirring – some wonderful new guacamole recipes.    Belinda made some cauliflower rice with her vitamix– soon to come to Dawdle Hall too.   We are whizzed up these days.

Try this recipe for fun:


Courgetti spaghetti with tomato guacamole

2 avocadoes, a packet of small organic tomatoes, half a chilli – deseeded, lime juice and a courgette.  Spiralise the courgette and then whizz up all the other ingredients.   Cut the courgettes spirals so that it becomes easy to eat and pour the mixture over the top.   Five minutes to health.

And  another one that will defy simplicity.

Cauliflower rice

Florets from one organic cauliflower with around about 1/3 packet of macadamia nuts.  Put them together and serve with a curry or salad.    five minutes too – and you can feel the health zooming out of the cauliflower.  One of the best ways of eating cauliflower known to us all!