Games people can play in 2017

Lord Horatio here again

So 2017 games are under way!!!!  

Stone Skimming

Scottish waters are the perfect practice ground for this sporting pursuit.   Dougie Isaacs from Blairgowrie in Perthshire, is the 2016 World Stone Skimming Champion and the championships, which are held in a disused slate quarry on the Inner Hebridean Island of Easdale – a rather longer stone’s throw from Oban in Argyll will be getting under way in September.  Sunday 24th September to be precise.   Click here for more details.  There will be a pre-skim party too!

Conkers ahoy!

The World Conker Championships is eagerly awaited following cancellation of the event due to high winds in recent years. 8th October 2017 is the next date to look out for.  More details by clicking here.

A profusion of shiny, russet coloured orbs will be on parade.  My highly strung nephew Daniel is determined to attend. He regularly stoops to conquer in the playground. I am reliably informed that family tickets can be had at a very reasonable price. 


I can report that the World Tiddlywinks contest has just taken place and the winners will be on its website.  Follow this link.

 Have a look at the masters at work in this  youtube video.     Now you know how the champions play you might also want to try it out yourself.    You can get all the kit from clicking on this link to Bizzy Bods


Although I lost my marbles a long time ago the sport is still alive and well and the global challenges are held every year.    In the last decade the Johnson Jets have featured as runners up several times and in 2017 they won the championship.   Back in 1588  when this event began as a result of two suitors, Giles and Hodge, who were competing for the hand of a Tinsley green milk maiden, who would have  thought that it would be the forerunner of an annual challenge which has already lasted for over 400 years.  Definitely a game to be involved with, even if you are not a Jet yet!  What sort of marbles would Lord Dawdle suggest?  Since 1962 they have been made of glass, so try this retrostyler website for starters.  

Over and out!


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