Bless our cars

Old Gold

Whilst on a motoring jaunt through Provence Lady Winifred and I came across a marvellous collection of old jalopies perched on a cliff overlooking Les Baux – a rocky fortress town. The line up included a wonderful white MG together with an MG A resplendent in lime green and sporting two patriotic Union Jack seat covers. They were accompanied by a sit-up and beg Peugeot and robust looking Riley.












I just love the cockpits of vintage cars with their simple dashboards, elegant steering wheels, unusual gearsticks and, occasionally, a tiny vase filled with a seasonal bloom.

Amazed to find such a collection in such a precipitous location I couldn’t help but inquire why? The answer was equally astonishing. The entire fleet were on a tour of churches so the cars could be blessed! Les Baux has a tiny chapel in the old fortress, so they had to negotiate the extremely narrow streets of the old town to get there.


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