What’s Happening at Dawdle Hall



Lord Horatio here to welcome you to the goings on at Dawdle Hall.    When we moved here we had an idea and not much to show for it.  Now we have a lot more!   I recommend you spend a few minutes going around the estate.  Here are a few ideas for starters – but do feel free to wander around.  The site is open to the public 24 hours a day, every day, IT pending.      

Do take a stroll around the house and gardens and enjoy feeling inspired.      From my nephew Simon who went to a  juggling  festival that was surrounded by chocolate to the lawnmower championships,  the best shed competition and news of inventions hot off the press, there will be plenty for you to enjoy.  

For those of you who want to admire some feats from afar, take a look in the Gallery.   Mountains climbed, steam engines reveered and countryside joys noted.   

Continuing the inspirational theme lovely niece Emma Brace is now our guide to the warm and wonderful world of wool. Her knitting page, Emma In Stitches, featuring some amazing yarns can be found in The Studio.

Another hot spot is The Ballroom where nephew Alexander is in a Northern Soul revival spin 

I love cars.  Always have.  Why not enjoy some Strange tales of saintly automobiles and Scottish skulduggery which are housed in The Garage and The Snug  respectively.

Vintage couture by Brighton Belle, Kathryn Spencer, adorns The Wardrobe  and Lady Winifred’s young godson Jesse Cayford, a wonderful singer, can be found rehearsing his latest ballad in The Studio too. I am all ears as I am sure you will be! Have a look also in The Library’s Strictly For The Birds section for some fascinating tomes on falconry.

Looking forward, our old and dear friend Katie will be regularly writing from Down Under in her own section, Katie’s Corner, in The Library. Don’t miss her unique perspective. Wonderful stuff!

With quill firmly back in the inkwell, it’s time for Whimsy’s walk around the grounds. He has already sniffed out a favourite toy to accompany us. Clamped firmly in his jaws is a rubber cup cake modelled, I am told, on a Nigella recipe. Topped with a fake white mound and simulated hundreds and thousands, it makes the sound of bagpipes cranking up to be played properly, when chewed.   Yon Bonnie Banks….





We would be delighted to send you periodical information about Lord Dawdle, his faithful friend Whimsy and Lady Winifred.    Please send  an email  to us with your details.      If you change your mind at any time, let us know and we will unsubcribe you.  Just follow this link .




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