Hadlow Tower




Hadlow Tower

Hey Presto! it’s Lord Horatio here,

The Hadlow Tower (pictured above) was restored at vast expense by the wonderful Vivat Trust. It will always be a memory in our Library.  Sadly it is now owned by a large fund of hedges.   A maze in my mind.   It was tastefully furnished to a very high standard, it had all mod cons – including a lift – and was available for self catering holidays.  In the lease of the building there was a clause ensuring that the public could visit this iconic building each week.  So do not despair!  You too can visit.  

It soars to a height of 175ft and was reputedly built in “Strawberry Gothic” style with intricate stonework so a jealous husband could spy on his estranged wife and lord it over snooty neighbours, who looked down on him socially.   To get to the viewing balcony they  constructed a magnificent spiral staircase made of steel which cleverly holds the tower together too. From the outside it looks very Harry Potter.

There are three bedrooms, including one close to the top of the tower with magnificent views, bathrooms, a kitchen, sitting and dining room. If you would like to see more I have placed a magic lantern show in The Snug 

Lord Horatio writes: “Enthused by my nephew Simon’s description of the newly restored Hadlow Tower in Kent, I fully intend paying a visit with Lady Dawdle once time and tide allow.

Pictured here in a magic lantern slide show, it was built in the late 1830s by the wealthy son of a yeoman farmer, Walter May, in what has become known as “Strawberry Gothic.” This refers to an ornate style promoted by Hugh Walpole who built Strawberry Hill in Twickenham.

While there are no owls to deliver your postcards, the tower does boast a pair of rare peregrine falcons, which can be seen swooping over the countryside and bagging the odd pigeon.   Although there may be new owners now, this amazing folly can be seen for many miles away.  If you walk the Greensand Way you will see it in the distance.   

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