Dawdle Hall Diary

Divine Wind

A major storm has broken over Dawdle Hall! Read here how attempts to harness some amazing stuff called ‘electric wind’ have caused a real flap.

Hats Off to:

The bees bearing little electronic backpacks helping farmers keep an eye on the weather.

Also the robot builders making bionic arms that can be 3D printed around the world.

Plus the engineers who came up with the idea of blowing bubbles out of the bottoms of ships so they can surf on the air mattress and save fuel.

And finally the vet who dressed up as a giant mouse to calm a nervous dog.

Dawdle Hall Diary

Election Fever

WHIMSY chews his Mayoral clothes jpeg versions

Election fever has gripped Dawdle Hall! Read how a bid for local political power by a ‘character candidate’ unleashed hustings hell.

Drawing by Ian Sciacaluga

Hats Off photo

Hats Off to:

Community Repaint who are brightening up the UK by reselling unwanted pots and helping cut the 50m litres or so that go to waste every year.

Also Charity Bank that lends to charities and social enterprises like the Holne Community Shop and Tea Room in Dartmoor.

Plus top actor Martin Clunes who has had a bespoke wagonette made in Germany which he drives with the help of two horsepower – Clydesdales Ronnie and Bruce

Dawdle Hall Diary


PNG Beard


Mind boggled Lord Dawdle here. Read how canine chaos thwarted my dramatic, bearded hi-tec bid to boost the old brainwaves.


Hats Off photo


Hats Off To:

American pigeon fancier and artist Duke Riley who straps lights to the feet of his flock so they can perform amazing illuminated aerial ballets in the night sky.

Nasa’s zero gravity 3D printer which is big enough to produce structures in space and could soon mean factories floating in the eternal void.

The boffins at Oxford University who are working on a phone app that detects nearby mosquitoes and may soon be able to warn of the ones carrying malaria.

The Dawdle Hall Diary

Going Bananas!


Palm tree potty Lord Horatio here once more. Read how we are going red banana barmy down at Dawdle Hall and, despite the odd “paws” in growth thanks to Whimsy the dog, looking forward to the new wonder fruit gaining mass appeal.


Hats Off photo


Have a peek at Hats Off too and meet:

Opera singer Heather Main who serenades her winning racehorses

Rising stone skimming star Charlotte Greenway

Plus engineer Ray Middlesworth who saved London’s secret underground Mail Rail

And the team at Ohio University who have come with a tiny machine that repairs the body.