The Dawdle Hall Diary


Barking mad Lord Horatio at your service. Visit Dawdle and Whimsy to find out how my bid to follow in the footsteps of Dr Dolittle by talking to the animals and attempting to learn their languages landed me in the dog house and turned the air blue!

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Trainy McTrainface

And: A new sack race world record

Also: The big festival of Spam

Plus: David Bowie’s strange tribute ice cream




The Dawdle Hall Diary


Mowtorsport mad Lord Horatio here. Catch-up with my heroic efforts to break into the turf world of Lawnmower Racing and read how, while going round the bend, I cut it just a bit too fine!

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Hats Off to: Three legged pet saints Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano.

Also: The renegade artists livening up grim concrete bollards.

And: The Algerian engineer who is bottling Saharan sand and building houses with it.

The Dawdle Hall Diary

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I See No Chips!

Lord Horatio on hand again. See me grasp the nettle of microchip implants now in The Snug. Learn how this new wave of technology became a bit of a dawdle and whimsy digital nightmare. Read how getting a firm grip saved the day!

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The Dawdle Hall Diary


Deepest regards from Lord Horatio. Talking of the depths isn’t this sculpture of a Nautilus exquisite? It is all the more remarkable when you realise it is made entirely of chocolate by the cocoa king himself Amaury Guichon.   Read the full article by pressing this artistic link


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Hats Off to: Mr Electric Car himself Elon Musk. Read his story

Also: Queen of the big givers Melinda Gates prepares for holidaying with Bill.

Plus: Four Paws International, the animal charity who have rescued Lula the brown bear and Simba the lion.

And: the highest parties on earth