A very Happy New Year from all the fine folk at Dawdle Hall and, of course, Whimsy our faithful four legged friend. It’s been almost 12 months since I last sharpened my quill, dipped it into the ornate silver ink pot on my desk and dashed off a missive. My humble apologises for the absence.

The winds of change blowing through the corridors of power both here and on the other side of the Atlantic turned into a whirlwind which knocked us all for six! However, having recovered our balance we are now looking forward to a healthy 2017, thanks mainly to Lady Winifred who has revolutionised meal times!  Take a look in the Kitchen to learn more about our greening.


Hats Off photo

Hats off to

  1. Canny Scot Andy Murray for dogged determination and proving all those naysayers wrong about his staying power. Welcome to the top of the tree.
  2. All those clever folk who have found fantastic new uses for Gilbert Scott’s old telephone boxes. Have a look at Auntie Beeb’s tribute to these red beauties at