Ahoy there shipmates!

Lord Horatio here – fresh from the pooped deck outside the summer house. It weighed anchor following the latest monsoon and now forms the flagship of our burgeoning flotilla of flotsam and jetsam bobbing about among the seagulls on the much enlarged lake.

I am currently toying with the idea of holding either a winter regatta or skating extravaganza, depending on the ebb and flow of the mercury. While pondering I reach for the decanter to toast the late, great Duke of Wellington. Where would we be without his trusty boots?


And how about a little tonic for all those laid low by leaden skies and soggy socks?   take a look in Katie’s Corner in the Library to find out more https://dawdleandwhimsy.com/about/the-library/katies-corner/. It should prove to be a tonic for all those laid low by leaden skies and soggy socks.

The bad weather has been going on for so long that Whimsy my faithful Spaniel has learned the location of Lady Dawdle’s hairdryer and brings it to me after every damp excursion. I imagine he equates it with sticking his head out of the car window in the summer. Tongue lolling bliss!

Hats Off photo

Hats Off this week to: The TV camera wizards who have been revealing the secret lives of dolphins – particularly the fact they use the venom from angry puffer fish to get high. 

Also the radio control experts who are testing full size juggernaut lorries, diggers and dumpsters that drive themselves. Apparently we are just a few years away from delivery robots stepping out of automated vans and handing us our pizzas. Eat your heart out Postman Pat.

And finally 3D printers come of age. Later this year we will be able to buy the Chefjet range which can make rainbow coloured sweets. There is even a digital cookbook to get you started. Yummy!