Emma celebrates her new page

Emma celebrates her new page

Festive greetings to you all from Lady Winifred

With preparations well under way for the annual carol concert at Dawdle Hall it was a joy to see our niece Emma. A devil for a descant and glass of mulled wine she arrived wearing a striking red jumper emblazoned with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

It was really quite stylish in a forties sort of way and attracted many admiring glances from the assembled host. So, when I enquired as to which designer had come up with such a subtle twist on a traditional theme I was astonished to learn it was all her own work.

Unbeknownst to me Emma has become a dab hand at knitting and an unofficial ambassadress for the art. Not only does she work in a trendy wool shop in London, Loop, she has a proper degree in all things material. Over a mince pie she revealed just how far we have come from those nightmare days of “a present from granny.”

Anxious to learn more I implored the busy girl about town to be our guide to the wonderful world of wool. After a couple more mulled wines she agreed and has installed a selection of the adventurous designs she has come across in The Studio.

Naturally the creation of Emma In Stitches https://dawdleandwhimsy.com/about/the-studio/emma-in-stitches/ had to be celebrated and we broke open a bottle of bubbly. The last I saw of Emma she was on all fours attempting, without much success, to measure up poor old Whimsy the dog. Apparently he is going to get an elf costume for Christmas – complete with pointy hat!

Talking of hats. We will shortly be introducing a short new section at the end of the Diary called Hats Off To. Our way of saying well done to a kaleidoscope of fascinating people and inventions.

So, deck the halls with boughs of holly and …skeins of multi-coloured wool

Very best Wishes

Lady Winifred

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