\Waverley and Tower Bridge

All hail. Lord Horatio to the rescue!

I have been working up a sweat with the estate’s tree fellas who have been cutting a chainsaw swathe through the devastation wrought by hurricane Jude, the harbinger of a wild winter. My loyal Spaniel Whimsy has been in the thick of it too, helping me drag battered branches onto the bonfire.

It’s going to be a bumper Guy Fawkes Night and no mistake. I think we will need a cherry picker to put the guy on the top. I am afraid the old apple picking ladder just won’t suffice. While on the subject of raging fires and smoke billowing into the night sky my old friend – a wordsmith of some repute, crackshot cameraman, sports aficionado, popular music expert and general all round good egg – Ian Wylie, has agreed to share his love of all things hot and steamy.

From now on his wonderful photographs of ancient locomotives in a modern setting will be on show in The Gallery https://dawdleandwhimsy.com/about/the-gallery/the-wylie-collection/. I am also hoping he will allow us to show you his superb sunrises, sunsets, landscapes and whimsical observations at some time in the future as well.

His carefully crafted picture of the paddle steamer Waverley passing under Tower Bridge (above) is typical. He has a wonderful eye for a stunning picture. Do have a peek at more of his stolen moments by clicking on The Gallery link above or http://www.ianwyliephoto.com

Unfortunately I must break off now to separate Whimsy from a sizeable sapling that seems reluctant to enter the front door despite his best efforts.