Katie in the East meets Mae West

Katie in the East meets Mae West

Lord Horatio at your service

I was swept away on a wave of nostalgia when word reached me from the other side of the world. My dear globetrotting friend Katie recently had the good fortune to be messing about on a very big boat indeed- the Queen Mary 2. The news brought memories of my years before the mast flooding back and I was so overcome with emotion I had to reach for the rum ration.

Adventuress, writer, poetess and all round creative legend, Katie has kindly consented to open a porthole onto to her life. Henceforth her occasional musings will occupy Katie’s Corner https://dawdleandwhimsy.com/about/the-library/katies-corner/ in the Dawdle Hall library. On behalf of Lady Dawdle and Whimsy our faithful companion let me issue a warm welcome to a wonderful free spirit, to be enjoyed in large measure.

Katie is currently exploring the southern hemisphere from her base in Australia and has sent us a lovely nautical postcard from on board the Queen Mary. See her “hello” message in The Library and look forward to more from our roving lady of letters.

As they say Down Under “Bonza!”