Lord Horatio calling

Lady Dawdle has asked me to mention her good friend Kathryn Spencer, the queen of vintage clothing for ladies in sunny Brighton. She is particularly knowledgeable on the subject of classic handbags and how to swing them, in the nicest possible way of course.

Not only is Kathryn fantastic when it comes to fun frocks of yesteryear she has oodles of wit and homespun wisdom to boot. When not encouraging her customers to twirl with vim she can be found on stage doing a quality stand-up turn.

As Lady Dawdle puts it: “Comedy and couture – a winning combination if ever there was one.” See some of Kathryn’s Back To The Couture collection now in The Wardrobe or at https://www.facebook.com/BackToTheCouture?ref=hl

"My CV? Why Couture Vintage of course!"

“My CV? Why Couture Vintage of course!”